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Progressive insurance is an American insurance company. It is one of the largest providers of car insurance in America. The company insures motorcycles, boats, RVs, and commercial vehicles, and provides home insurance through select companies. Progressive has expanded internationally as well, offering car insurance in Australia. The company was co-founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis, and is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio.Progressive is currently ranked No. 99 in the 2019 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. According to some of it's customers, Progressive.Sucks: " This Is A Money Making Business They Do Not Have Your Best Interest At Heart They Want To Keep that Money In House and Not Give It".


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Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"It is such a huge corporation they don’t know what’s best for employees or how to utilize those who are more qualified. Can’t move up horrible pay."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Human resources supports racism by firing whistelblowers"

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Does not practice what they preach, such as Inclusiveness, if there is not a problem, why are they constantly trying reinforce and convince you that there not a problem?"

Former Employee - Attorney says

"Micromanagement is extreme within house counsel. There is little trust."

Former Employee - Claims Adjuster says

"Terrible management in the office"

Former Employee - Customer Service Consultant says

"However, there are things in training that they do not tell you about specifically surrounding sales tactics. In the job description when applying they tell you it is not a sales call and they do not tell you that you were responsible for Sales. In training they tell you that is not a cells causing you are not responsible for Sales but that you should mention to customers if they have any PHA offers. However when you get started, the pressure is on about pushing those sales. If you do not meet those sale goals, You are constantly harassed about it. And the crazy thing about it is that you are harassed in a way that makes it seem like it’s still not your duty but you have to ask questions this way or that way. Progressive is a money hungry company and cares nothing about their employees. Working here during a pandemic has been a complete nightmare. You would think that Progressive would be a little bit more lenient when it comes to trying to push those sales Two customers Who can’t even pay their bills. Not to mention they are also raising the rates during this time as well. The job has been a nightmare with in the last few months and I am unfortunately Stuck. HR does not care about your mental health and does not work with you on any accommodations even if you have a doctors note. Even if you have a disability, they are still pushing the issue that you need to be there. Call volume is ridiculous, you’re constantly making corrections of agents who are not trained from progressive but sell insurance to progressive and know nothing of what they’re doing. We are constantly correcting the errors of multiple sales consultants and agents and we have to be the ones to deal with it. It is above the paygrade that we are given to do such things. And last but not lease, The customer are nasty and rude. And you have to deal with those calls sometimes back to back to back to back with three seconds to breathe between the next call. There is no leniency when it comes to adherence so it is difficult to keep a work life balance working here at Progressive. So if you have a life outside of Progressive that you value I would recommend not working here at all. They care nothing about you here. I have struggled with mental health before and working here has just made it even worse. Even with doctors permits, and schedule arrangements that were recommended by a doctor, they still don’t care. It really sucks working here but due to the situation were in I have to stay here because no one else is hiring. You would think that during a pandemic there would be things a company with you to work with the public, but instead the company increased rates all around. And they also increase the sales goals for service consultants at the start of the pandemic. Least to say, Progressive is a money hungry corporate machine making inconsiderate And inhumane company. Do not work here."

Former Employee - Claims Adjuster says

"-They use early promotion (can promote at 6 months) as an incentive, but don’t tell you that most promotions are “rotations”, and you won’t be paid differently, or change your job title. At the end of the rotation shift, they will possibly make it a permanent position change, and then you’ll get the pay increase and title change. -This is a burn and turn environment. -The workload is IMPOSSIBLE, but could be somewhat handled by overtime, which almost everyone has to work. (When we could work overtime, people were working 10 hour days on a consistent basis.) However, we were recently told (in a very condescending email) that we are unable to work overtime, as the large workload they give us, is not a justified reason. So basically, you can’t get your work done. From the tone of the email, I assume this is because they don’t believe the overtime is needed, and we must be trying to get more pay. However, NO ONE WANTS TO STAY AT WORK LONGER THAN NECESSARY. The reason we worked so much overtime is because you’ve made it impossible for us to get work done in our work day. -No lunches. Seriously. Unspoken rule, but a necessity. No one eats lunch, unless they’re a supervisor. Not enough time for the break. There were many days I wouldn’t even be able to leave for a bathroom break. -Metrics, Metrics, Metrics. Your workload is already impossible to keep up with, but they tag metrics onto it as well. And depending on your supervisor, they’re extremely aggressive about getting you to hit these impossible metrics, while you’re also struggling to DO THE REST OF YOUR JOB. -If you take an unplanned day off for illness or emergency, you will come back to an insane workload the next day. No one works your inventory, and everyone continues to call in requesting things, and everything continues to pile up. You will return to work crying the next day. It’s awful. -Customers are awful. They’ll scream, call you names, threaten to sue/come after you. The company doesn’t do anything about this. In fact, you may find a note in your claim showing an email your supervisor sent to this customer, apologizing to them for their horrible experience. -Enjoy panic attacks? Expect them. If you care about your job and work quality, you will absolutely crumble. The people who succeed are the ones who don’t care about inventory piling up, don’t care about metrics, and don’t listen to regulations set by their supervisors. *Also interesting to note, they hate having us work from home, as they literally don’t trust us (hence why we aren’t trusted to work overtime). BUT when Covid-19 hit the states, they sent out the most shameful email, stating that they’ve seen our misinformation spreading around about feeling unsafe working in the office, but wanted to advise that we won’t get sick from working in an office/walking by someone who has coronavirus. They could have gotten a LOT of people sick/killed because they wanted to keep us in the offices, and lied about how it spread. They eventually sent us home once SIP was mandated, but why did their hand have to be forced to keep us safe? And why did they try and belittle the actual correct info we had about coronavirus, and send out an email telling us we wouldn’t get it from being in the office with someone who has it? Something to think about.*"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Impossible sales goals, super high stress to meet stats. Horrible management! Immature, petty, shady, they play favorites, you’re just a number."

Former Employee - Liability Claims Adjuster says

"Poor leadership, poor work life balance, poor response to staffing needs, does not practice the ethics it preaches, severe inconsistency in workload across offices for the same role"

Current Employee - Insurance Sales Agent says

"you are just a number"

Inbound Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They only care about YOU making money for them! Worst customers ever. They can be rude and racist to you and you are expected to put up with it. Most of the time those experiences don’t end in a sale, but you’re expected to continue the call, rewarding the bullying customers whose only purpose for the call is to yell and take their frustrations on someone. They even penalize you if your calls are “too short”. How can you even talk to a rude or racist caller for more than 5 minutes?? Working from home, so nobody has to see how miserable you are after every call.Not being able to tell customers to STOP bullying you."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The training was atrocious. We were given the basics, then put on calls which of course went over way more. I was stressed at all times because I felt clueless. The work life balance is also really bad. Don't even think about asking for time off. I've heard that out of the 15 that were hired, 3 are still there. NothingEverything"

Claims Service Representative II (Former Employee) says

"● Pay & benefitsMy pay and benefits at Progressive are WERE just fair.● Job security and advancementIn terms of job security at Progressive, I think ......... Progressive has a reputation for fireing people for absolutely no reason..... THIS is very true.● ManagementIn general, managers at Progressive constantly micro manage. Always micro managing. Everyone.● OverallMy experience working at Progressive was terrible. Micro managing. Always on your neck. Always micro managing."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"There’s no adequate breaks! They expect employees to be glue to the phone and computer all day while management gets to walk around and do nothing all day"

Lifeguard (Former Employee) says

"Working for progressive was one of the worst experience of my life. They were terrible to their workers and made some one a manager at one of their pools who had an affair in on their pools after hours and when we told the head of management we were the ones that got in trouble. NothingManagement"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Stressful objectives with no real guidance. Training is very poor for the information that is needed. You can ask 10 people the same question and get 10 different answers. The company is more focused on being politically correct and having pizza parties than helping the customers. The customer base is very angry because of the lack of information that is able to be provided.Everything"

Licensed Insurance Agent (Property and Casualty) says

"I left working for usaa to come here after being offered more money and work from home and regret it so much. Quoting insurance is always lengthy and on top of that they want you to use a sales process called PSP that has you say all these ridiculous cheap suit sounding sales lines. They call building empathy with customers asking every customer "most customers need immediate I'd cards, is that true for you too?. Until they ditch PSP do not work here. Avoid it. I'm leaving once I get my real estate license doneNonePsP sales process"

Managed Repair Representative/Estimator Associate (Former Employee) says

"At the time I was there, in the specific location I worked, this was not a good place to work. There were abusive and unprofessional supervisors, a large majority of whom are no longer with the company as far as I know."

Claims Adjuster Intermediate (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here unless you are prepared to part ways with your self-esteem, family and overall sense of well being. The worst employment experience I've had in thirty years of work. Make sure to talk with someone who currently works there before even submitting a resume. Just awful."

Claims Specialist(Remote)Work From Home (Former Employee) says

"The company for it to be so large,they lack communication skills with reps.manager only looked out for herself she was as sorry as they come,in fact the best of the worstGainshareNo growth"

Direct Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"i was actually told that i could not have time off for my mother's funeral because-and i quote-"she did not die while i was employed". she passed a week before i started. . they say there is no script, but there is. they want want you to ask people to ask their friends to buy insurance for them. who does that??? after employed, they ran an ad for new hires starting at $2 an hour more. management doesn't care about anything but statistics."

Managed Repair Representative (Former Employee) says

"It took 6 months to get hired on. The job description I was given was not at all what I was actually doing. The training was a joke. My boss routinely broke dress code, and was way too touchy feely. The $hitbox Ford they gave me to work out of had a CO leak and almost killed me on a long drive. My co workers poured most of their work on me. What a terrible company to work for."

Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"met a lot of wonderful people at Progressive. You will have lifetime friends from working at Progressive and I'm going to miss my co workers and will keep in touch"

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I will not go too far into detail. But I will say while working at progressive, my anxiety became so bad that I could not function normally on a daily basis. I eventually had to seek help with a psychologist and ended up on FMLA, not able to work. But my FMLA was stopped abruptly and I was fired when I had to change doctor's, and couldn't get a new appointment by progressives deadline. They definitely care more about how their employees sound on the phones than care about how they treat their employees. It's very sad and I will never work in customer service again because of my experience at progressive. Their employees are nothing but another number making the company money."

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Horrible work equipment faculty software. Care more about saving money then doing what is right, distrustful, dishonest crooks, the only company I know that is comfortable ruining their employees life with a smile on their face"

COBOL Developer (Former Employee) says

"They will not tell you what they hire you for. You will think a Cobol Developer. Wrong. They will put you on what they call "Bypasses". Fixing bad claims data that was spitted out during the nightly cycle. The way of fixing these changes from day to day. You are doomed before you start. They told me that no one has lasted very long on theses. They not lying. You will have a female who is autistic looking over your shoulder and she will become angry quickly and then be friendly. Then she will tattle to her female manager. The female manager will eat up what she is being told. Then female manager will micro manage you to see what you really know. Then you will be let go. This is "Children of the Corn" type stuff. You have been warned."

File Owner (Former Employee) says

"If you’ve never worked in claims, do not work for Progressive. If you DO work in claims, do not work for Progressive. You’ll hate every day and it will take years off your life. Don’t buy the corporate buzzwords like “autonomy” and “company culture” because you will only be a number. Metro Atlanta is run by a bunch of weak supervisors and one manager in particular is an awful human being. She would disparage talented adjusters and may as well have been the devil. There is 30% turnover or more in the FO role. You don’t matter and you’ll be treated like a child. That’s it, you’ve been warned."

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Progressive is a highly discriminative and irresponsible company. The level of professional development and training is grossly inadequate. Progressive will not prepare for applicants initial interview. They will not look over your application or familiarize themselves with any of your past qualificatuons or experience. Veterans need not even apply. Independent, mission oriented professionals are not sought."

Claims adjuster trainee (Former Employee) says

"I was so excited about working at Progressive in general when l first started but quickly reality sunk in. The training was extensive and draining because they just feed you with loads of information and expect you to get it overnight. But, then supervisors claim they know it’s a lot of work I felt that the supervisor was too busy being bias with unprofessional new hires. However, the culture is diverse but there are a few that clearly show what side they're on by their actions especially in management. There’s always job advancements but only if the supervisors like you will they recommend a promotion. It’s always a plus to know people in high places. Some of the attitudes with the supervisors when you request help it was so uncomfortable, unprofessional and fake it made me hate going to work and this company will have you fooled so please don't stand up for yourself if there are any disputes because they will stick with their kind and never forget it. A lot of racial profiling with certain supervisors they definitely will sabotage you if they don’t like you because my request could’ve been answered but the supervisor put in a bad word on me and that’s one of the major reasons I quit... This particular location is very toxic supervisors know you’re struggling but then tell others not to help you and stick you with tons of claims..."

Personal Auto Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Disappointed beyond belief. I watched people in my training class start dwindling while still in class. The reason they have such huge turn over is not because of attendance as they state. It is because the job description is a lie in itself. Customer service is told in class they are responsible to make whatever offers that populate on the screen. As long as you make the offer you're good to go. Once you hit the floor however it becomes your responsibility to not only make every single offer they have pop up (even where the offer is clearly not appropriate) but also "get takes". That makes you responsible for sales while having zero control over said sales. You may talk them in to talking to a sales professional but you're not licensed for sales. You can break your back in this place and still be written up as well as termed for not making sales, that again you do not have control over. If I call my car insurance provider to let's say extend my billing date as many do because whatever came up and I won't have funds until the following week, do I want my provider trying to cram other products down my throat? No, absolutely not. I have seen this place tear down many good people. People I thought would stay.. all gone. There are two people left from the training class I was in and I am not one of them. My sanity is worth far more to me than high stress and unrelenting environment that progressive is. Nor do they pay the people who do return every day, that perform beautifully every day ( and they may have had 25 takes that week, not even within a mile close to what they deserveI met great people who I will remain friends withEvery thing else"

Watson says

"Due to Covid, I lost my job almost a year ago in march. I live in Portland OR and most things are still shut down. I have been forced to live on 300 a week and my savings which dried up around November. I live minimally and refuse to compromise any of my principles for money and am extremely happy with these choices. When I ran out of money I had to stop paying my 100 dollar a month car insurance. Progressive dropped me after one month knowing that stimulus and unemployment increase were coming. Now the company says I owe over 300 dollars and want me to pay 150 a month. This is the evil illness that plagues our reality. This company, instead of being of service to people who are attempting to make the world better and having understanding for someone who chooses to live life in a positive way would rather take advantage me as if I were poor and dumb. In other words bc I am struggling from something that I have no control over they want to put me into debt and make my life harder. All that they had to do is work with me and instead they just want to make my life that much harder. This is a direct example of the evil that is prevalent in the world. "

Cari Ayer says

"My car was totaled when a tree fell on it. My deductible was higher than the car was worth, it was 12 years old. I called to change my insurance to cover me as a driver, but not a car. Was told this wasn't possible. So I cancelled my insurance. A few months later I was still being charged, so I called again, was told they would"look into it, and get back to me" they didn't. Called again, was told I can insure myself as a driver and had my insurance changed, was told I could get money refunded from the past few months. Never happened. I cancelled again and removed my credit card from auto pay since I didn't trust them. Now they have sent me to collections for a policy I cancelled thst they kept charging for a car I didn't own. Tried to file a complaint with the better business bureau, but they say its resolved as Progressive told them they "can't give credit retroactively" seriously?"

Ash says

"Why the heck do I have a negative due balance PLUS an extra $75 owed after they cancelled my policy? Scum of the Earth, these people are."

Colin says

"Worst customer service I have dealt with in a year. They don’t even want to talk to you when you’re broken down on the side of the road. They sent me to an automated system to try and get a tow truck, shocker it didn’t work. Then I got a completely incompetent lady that also barely spoke English, that helped the frustration. Then to cap it all off, I was told it would be an hour to get a tow truck only to have the text ETA at an hour and forty five minutes. I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes waiting for a supervisor, shocking that it’s no luck. Im transferring my policy tonight."

Asem Awad says

"after being in my new address for more than 15 months, they charged an extra almost 60$ because they are claiming that they just received my new address from the post office, but I already changed the address on their website since I moved here, that's a rib-off"

CinderaceDR says

"More about the Money than the people. They are a terrible company that has done nothing to help me. I got in an accident when someone swerved into my lane and crashed into the side of my car, they did very little to help. I ended up paying a lot more money than I would have with any other company. They care very little about you and only about what is in your wallet. Do not use this company ever."

Lilly Lublin says

"A progressive insured driver recently hit my car. It took over a month to get started on repairing my vehicle because progressive did not want to accept the fault. Even with a police report that stated so.
When we finally were able to get moving with the process, we were told that a rental would be waiting for me at the body shop. When I arrived, nothing had been set up. We were told by the adjuster that everything would be ready, and it was not.
Progressive was impossible to deal with and so unprofessional. I hope to never deal with them again."

Rusty Barnacles says

"Progressive has made fun adverts the ideal, following Geico’s lead. I would not review based upon any chosen fun, comedic, even controversial advertising... minus ONE exception alone. Bullying that hits too close to reality.
The latest comedic advertisement by Progressive shows their 4 main ‘characters’ (white woman ‘Flo’, ‘Jamie’ the white guy who is shamed and often a butt of all jokes, a black guy in fishing slickers, and the young nonchalant and aloof younger generation white girl). Jamie has, as mentioned, been a joke to play with, on, and... now... belittle or bully.
The young-gen girl comments “you smell like fish” but not to the black fisherman. She states it at Jamie.
As a white man, autistic and survivor of suicide attempts and other maladaptive dangers from other’s bullying and treatment, this has become all-too normal.
When did white male take the brunt of Societal misjustice? When the ‘flip’ became a choice of a Society telling us women and minorities suffer most!
I have never felt less fed of truth!
My experience has been the truth, not the fib we are taught.
Thanks, Progressive, for annoying the Hell out of me, bringing past pain forward, and proving Society’s value of White men."

safdsadt says

"worst insurance company ever. Please do your work and research them first. they use a scam saying they sent you a letter or email asking for information. Letter and Email is never sent they cancel your coverage and when you go to renew it its $30.00 Per month. Read their reviews many have stated this."

Brenda Bellamy says

"I was driving my parents around in their car (they asked me to) and I got in a minor fender bender. They made me prove I lived in the city where the accident occurred and then wanted MY insurance. This was bull- - - -.
It did NOT exceed their coverage limits but they kept harassing my dad, asking if they were ever going to let me drive again and that I needed to be on their insurance policy! More BS. I live 150 miles from them, am in my early 60's. I need to be on their insurance??!! They have full-coverage. All of this was pressuring my father and upsetting him. When they asked for my insurance carrier, I told them they didn't need it and they left me alone. My father is dropping them. They also didn't cover even half of the damage he had fixed. They are scam artists. There is a reason they are one of the cheapest. Go elsewhere!"

Nina Scott says

Purchased policy online, filled out the application for my car to be insured. Not knowing that I incorrectly pressed 1000 deductible, I've been involved in an accident that a deer hit my vehicle. So I filled a claim, I'm not a full-time criminal, but if I'd waited and filled this crap Nov 1st after. The adding rental coverage and having my deductible lowered to 500, which it should have been in the first place. Then I would have be in a better position.. I don't make a lot of money.. But each agent I talked to say they couldn't. Assist me with a rental or lower the deductible to get my car out of the shop.. Not to mention still hace to pay the high monthly payment... After this has been handled I'm leaving that insurance company!! You all better know from my experience. Unprofessional, incompetent, not taking any constraint of the claimant."

SarahMay Lawrence says

"Terrible company to deal with. Lies after lies from claims agent Denise Love. Was scheduled for an adjuster to come out to my home to inspect my damages I took a day off work and no one ever showed up. Denise claimed she called me to cancel the appointment but this is a lie. My claim got close
d while i was getting quotes. Once i got it reopened i was told an adjuster would visit the body shop this past monday to inspect the damages and again more lies from this dumb black woman.No one ever showed up to inspect now my truck has been sitting for 3 days. Avoid buying insurance from Progressive."

Willy B says

"It looks cheaper than the rest but do not believe it!!!!

At some point during your policy with progressive. They will find a way to charge you more money. I was stupid and went back after it happening once, thinking it was my fault.

NOPE, they waited until about 2 months left on my next policy and came up with some new charge. Giving me a week to pay or get dropped.



Eff-Flo says

"Save your money and time. They will split hairs every chance they get to try to deny you coverage. Unreal for a company that profits almost $3 BILLION a year. Disgusting humans."

Smooth Operator says

"They take the premiums with out any problem, but when it comes to repairing your vehicle they take thier sweet time. To the point where you owe another or multiple premiums in the time it takes them to even get the ball rolling on fixing anything. They have personally ripped me off so many times I think progressive is fundamentally designed to RIP off the average customer. They should be held accountable for all they have claimed they would do, only to hide and penny pinch when the vehicles get in accadents. Con-artist central! Many higher up in the company know what's going on and they should be arrested for stealing from the America. Public !!!"

VP of Port says

"I cancelled a home policy in April 2020 at its renewal via snail mail as part of the policy. After calling on 10/13 because I got an amount owed, I was then told that they couldn’t post date it past because it was beyond 60 days. When I informed them that it wasn’t my fault they didn’t get the cancellation and assumed to auto renew it charging me an exorbitant amount. I then explained that I already have a lawyer on payroll and can let them handle it. I was immediately hung up on by the rep. I called back, got someone else explaining that I’m not sure what their policy is but you shouldn’t hang up on someone just because they are trying to get money that isn’t there’s from a customer. The agent went through the basics and as I was saying goodbye hung up on me before finishing.

I’ve been with progressive a long time (about 8 years now) and this is thee worst service I’ve ever gotten. I don’t care if it’s because of the pandemic or people hate their jobs, you dont treat customers this way nor claim that my cancelation doesn’t exist.

I’m now sending this over to my attorney and it’s going to cost progressive more than what they claim I owe rather than just taking care of their customer. My other policy with them I won’t be looking to renew 2 months from now. They are going to be losing a long time customer. Guess that’s how they want to do business now."

D. Knight says

"The biggest doesn't need good customers anymore. Been with them 15 years only to be told "during a pandemic" that I have to pay the policy in full. Normally I did pay my policy in full, but ran into great difficulty during pandemic. This company was rigid, refused to make any arrangement, and knew they would lose a 15 year customer over it. I was shown absolute indifference, and no consideration for extenuating circumstances beyond anyones control. NOW we go with Liberty Mutual since they have accomodated all needs in the pandemic. 100% disgusted with progressive, and from april 2020 to today - I spent a total of 36 hours on the phone with progressive regarding the policy, because they couldn't get the cards right, they couldn't get the addresses right, they literally had to redo the cards several times, and they're still not right! In 15 years of having insurance I truly cannot believe what they did to me, especially in light of all the chronic mistakes, incorrect items in policy, only to really sock it to me. NOT a good company, too big to care, and smug about it too. Not one person I spoke to at progressive knew what was going on. My precious time was stolen by this company only to do everything wrong. I felt tremendous relief when Liberty Mutual set up my new account. I see massive MISMANAGEMENT in PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE, and it is the customers who ultimately pay the price for that."

Richard says

"They are scam artist. They quote you a low price to get you invested. Then they will jack up the pricing. After purchasing a 6 month policy in full. They informed me I needed to submit proof of insurance within 10 days or they would raise my rate. Why not ask for that information up front and give an honest quote if that is required. nothing makes me angrier than a company using its power to take advantage of everyday people. livid."

B Dates says

"Worst customer service and policies. After a few years of being insured with the company, I was cancelled after they strangely requested a proof of address. This caused a lapse in coverage and hundreds of dollars in fines with the DMV. Mind you, they claim they sent a letter, but I chose paperless. I assume letters from companies are solicitations. They sent ONE email with the heading, "Your Policy Documents are in the Mail." Open the email and there is tiny fine print at the bottom which said, "nonrenewal". I wouldn't have seen it unless I used a magnifying glass. They cancelled me on the same day they withdrew $293 from my account for deferred payments due to COVID-19. Apparently, my credit report had my previous address in error, causing this ridiculous proof of address request. I reinstated my coverage despite this ordeal, because I wanted to avoid any further lapse. They increased my rate from $87/mo. to $110/mo!! I called and talked to a smug, unprofessional, arrogant supervisor named Mike. He was the worst customer service representative I've ever dealt with. I cancelled my policies immediately after my encounter with this supervisor. I refuse to support a company who treats their policyholders as he treated me, let alone one that cancels me for no good reason. My payment and driving history is impeccable. Avoid Progressive."

Cesar Torres says

"Horrible lapse in insurance fee. missed payment a few days due to pandemic and out of work causes and progressive wants to charge a 600 dollar late fee.."

Arminda Wilson says

"I’d give them 0 stars if possible. Worst insurance I’ve ever had and their customer service is terrible. I made a claim and didn’t even get to talk to my agent until he decided that i was at fault even though the other person was driving on the wrong side of the road and going 55 in a 35"

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